I've Already Started

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Check out my new comedy special on DVD, "I've Already Started ..."!  This is me at my R-Rated, unfiltered, politically incorrect, and absurdly outrageous best!  Filmed live at "The Jupiter Theater" in Champaign, Illinois among my favorite type of comedy fans, this is a prime example of why people describe me as a combination of a stand-up comedian, cartoon and rockstar. It’s got plenty to keep you entertained: Rapid-fire jokes, ridiculous stories, unpredictable audience interaction, and my trademark physicality ... including the last time you'll see me do "The Claude Stuart backflip onstage"!

Seriously, if you're easily offended, don't watch this DVD.  Just buy it for someone with a sense of humor!

To order "Claude Stuart: I've Already Started ...", email Claude at claude_stuart@hotmail.com 




Thanks so much for helping me create, develop and hone the comedy act that is “Fandemonium”. This DVD is dedicated to you, babies. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU…who came out and paid a cover (or won free tickets) to watch me joke, jump, dance, gyrate and playfully insult you; who took pictures of me after the show; who insisted on buying me a drink and invited me to party with them; who kept in touch with me and brought more of your friends to see me perform again; who called comedy venues and requested me; who purchased my merchandise; who spread the word about my comedy; who followed my career and took time out of your schedules to watch and listen to my tv and radio appearances; who laughed, applauded and demanded an encore; and finally, every fan who paid me the greatest compliment of all:

“I had a really tough week, and you made me forget about all my problems. Thank you.” My pleasure, Comedy Fans. That’s what I’m here for. Enjoy “Fandemonium”…it’s for you!


Claude Stuart