Celeb Quotes



“You’re a funny kid, baby! You’re beautiful!” - Vince Vaughn
"You deserve every success you have. You work hard & you're funny!" - Ken Jeong
“Energetic, spontaneous, and he also manages to give his own crazy piece of mind!” - Steven Tyler
“You were funny! You’ve got the energy and animation down. If comedy was baseball, you’ve mastered the fastball.” - Louie C.K.
“That kid is funny. Very fast, and very smart.” - Alice Cooper
"Claude, you're hilarious, and you always kill it!" - Chelsea Handler
"Great jokes, bro! Really funny!" - Jamie Kennedy
"Claude, you got confidence and really funny jokes. Great job!" - Jeffrey Ross
“He was the funniest thing in the whole show!” - Don Faison, star of NBC’s “Scrubs”
“Hilarious, honest and quick as hell!” - Wilmer Valderrama, star of Fox’s “That 70s Show” and MTV’s “Yo Momma”
“I really love your energy. You have so much fun on stage, that the audience has just as much fun watching you.” - Justin Long (star of Dodgeball, The Breakup, and the new Macintosh computer ad campaign)
“Do the kick! I love when (Claude) does the kick. It’s crazy!” - Damon Wayans
“I love Claude. I really enjoy watching him. I don’t know how he gets that energy. Claude Stuart: Doing high kicks, back flips, and scaring front rows everywhere!” -Alonzo Bodden (Winner of “Last Comic Standing III” & judge of “Last Comic Standing V”)
“Claude Stuart...oh, yeah! He’s funny. “ - Sarah Silverman
“Great job, man. Really funny stuff for sure.” - Nick Swardson (Grandma's Boy, Malibu's Most Wanted, Chuck & Larry, Blades of Glory)
"Claude had me laughing so hard, I thought 'I'm gonna pee myself!'" - Monica Potter ("Parenthood", "Boston Legal", Patch Adams)
“Claude’s a wild man. He’s the only comedian who’s twitchier on stage than I am. “ - Josh Blue (Winner of “Last Comic Standing IV”)
“You are very fast and very funny. You’re gonna do just fine. Being white ain’t gonna hurt you, either.” - Paul Mooney (Comedian and writer for Richard Pryor, “Saturday Night Live” and “The Chapelle Show”)
“Great job. I love that R. Kelly joke!” - Colin Quinn (“Saturday Night Live” and “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn”)
“....one of the funniest comics out there. Great energy! You are welcome any time.” - ByronAllen
“Any comedian who does a joke about me when I’m in the room has got to have balls.” - Bill Maher
“You’re very funny and charming, and I predict many wild nights in your future.” - Jennifer Coolidge (The American Pie trilogy, Zoolander, Austin Powers)
“Funny! Great job. All that stuff about your Dad is hysterical.” - Tom Griswold of the nationally syndicated “The Bob and Tom Show”
“Claude, you’re a rockstar. They loved you!” - Jay Davis of HBO’s “Tourgasm”
“You’re so dope, you don’t even know it!” - Singer/songwriter Jason Mraz
“You do the best impession of me I’ve ever heard. The only other impressions of me I’ve heard were Harry Shearer and Jim Carrey, and I didn’t recognize them.” - Actor/producer/writer/composer Alan Thicke (star of “Growing Pains” & author of “How to Raise Kids Who Won’t Hate You”)
“Very funny! Strong set. You always kill!” - Bobby Lee of “Mad TV”
“Great set! That Tourette’s joke is so funny and so true!” - Comedian/Actor Darren Carter (Comedy Central, “The Tonight Show”)
“Hilarious, dude. You’re crazy!” - Comedian/Actor Godfrey (Comedy Central, VH1’s “I love the 80s“, Zoolander)
“You’re a really funny guy! A lot of fun to watch.” - Actor/comedian Rick Overton (“Lost”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Seinfeld”)
(Predator, X-Men, “Seinfeld”)
“Great job. I can’t do that jumping around shit!” - Ralphie May (Comedy Central, “The Tonight Show”, “Last Comic Standing I”)
“Claude, you murdered! You kicked the crowd’s ass so bad, I didn’t wanna follow you!” - Tom Rhodes (Comedy Central, star of “Mr. Rhodes” & “The Kevin Masters Show Starring Tom Rhodes”)
“Hilarious! He does the kind of comedy I like - he’s fast, crazy, and he doesn’t give a damn!” - Comedian/actor Shang (“The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, “Heroes”)
“Hilarious! And you do a great impression of my brother.” - Comedian/actor Tony Rock (“All of Us”, “Def Comedy Jam”)
“Claude Stuart is straight up ballin’!” - MVP (Professional Wrestler of “WWE Raw”, “Smackdown”)
“You’re great. A helluva entertainter. I’m a fan.”
“You know what the hell you're doing up there! Funny man! I can tell you're a road dog.”
- Brandon T. Washington (Tropic Thunder)